How to Heal Adrenal Fatigue – Dealing with Stress and Burnouts Naturally

by healthmaxx | September 17, 2019

Are you dead tired and overly stressed in your life right now all of a sudden? Do you feel that you just want to sleep all day long but you can’t, because you have so many things to do that you can’t even sleep well? Well, let me tell you that you are walking down the path toward burnout! You may not know what is happening inside your body, but those are signs that your adrenal glands are having impairments, a syndrome called adrenal fatigue. Well, it’s not too late for you to heal adrenal fatigue and there is a natural way to do it.

Your adrenal glands are located near your kidney, looking like tiny caps on top. Your adrenal glands function mainly to produce hormones, and when you are in a state of adrenal fatigue, your hormone balance is off especially with cortisol, a hormone for your body’s reaction to stress. And your body couldn’t keep up with the stress because your adrenal glands aren’t producing enough cortisol.

To let you know more about adrenal fatigue, there are three levels of adrenal fatigue progression which you may experience depending on the cortisol imbalance in your body:

3 Levels of Adrenal Fatigue Progression

Level 1 – You’re still at it, but you are trying your best.

You may find it hard to sleep at night even though you are busy the whole day, and as a result, you crave foods that cause weight gain. Your cortisol has already gone up at this stage.

Level 2 – Your sleeping habit is killing you!

You get up around 2 to 3 in the morning and that’s it, you are wide awake. Your cortisol levels are up very early, resulting to waking you up and keeping you awake. You can’t return to sleep, and in about an hour, you are back to work. And during the day, you feel stressed but at the same time, your mind is active.

Level 3 – That’s it! You are done for!

You are fed up and dead tired hence burned out! You have reached the danger zone of adrenal fatigue, increasing risks of autoimmune disease.

How to heal adrenal fatigue so that it won’t continue and worsen?

How to Heal Adrenal Fatigue

Drink Water and Stay Hydrated

1. Proper Diet

Since you have most probably deprived your body of the nutrients that it needs daily because of your stressful schedule, you should go back to that basic rule for a good health: eat a proper diet.

And by proper diet, it doesn’t mean that you can just pick out anything you feel is healthy. It has to be a diet designed to heal adrenal fatigue. First, determine which food you are sensitive to like gluten, dairy products, and sweets that may cause inflammation and aches all over your body. Once you’ve determined them, remove those from your diet.

Then, eat super veggies, organic protein, and whole grains which are gluten free, particularly foods that are high in vitamins B5, B6, B12, folate, vitamin D, selenium, and magnesium, which are all good for the adrenal glands and other glands of the body.

2. Discipline

Discipline yourself to go to bed at around 10 p.m. Say no to cell phones, iPad, and other gadgets which may disrupt and awaken your mind.

3. Supplements

Take supplements that will heal adrenal fatigue, such as vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids, which could help in treating body inflammation issues and are helpful for your adrenal glands. However, I would suggest that you seek your physician first before taking up any supplements. It would be the best option for your case.

4. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is adrenal fatigue’s best friend! To get rid of this condition, keep yourself hydrated all the time.

5. Stay Healthy

Rest, enjoy, and keep in mind that health is wealth! No matter how you look at it, whether you have a cent in your pocket or billions of dollars, with a health condition depleting your body, you won’t be able to enjoy anything! So prevent this from happening as early as possible.