Home Remedies For Hair Fall and Regrowth – Pumpkin Seeds, The Solution for Hair Loss?

by healthmaxx | September 17, 2019

Millions of people, mostly males, experience a condition referred to as hair loss (baldness). Some may feel being bald is sexy, and some may feel humiliated with their condition. If you are one those people who are embarrassed, because of hair loss, you may have already tried a number of different products promising hair growth. For example, artificial oils, shampoos, serums, or hair transplants as a solution for hair loss.

But do you really need to go that far? Do you really need to spend so much money to bring back a full lock of hair?

What if you were told that there’s an easier and natural way to combat hair loss?

Pumpkin seeds! It can actually improve your condition of hair loss. This is no joke!


You are probably thinking how something as common as pumpkin seeds would really prevent or stop hair loss. Many are skeptical.

Reasons for Hair Loss

First, let’s discuss why some people go through the process of hair loss, ending up bald. This condition is linked to genetics and sex hormones. Specifically for men, those who have excessive dihydrotestosterone (DHT) may experience hair loss and eventual baldness. The DHT is responsible for shortening the growth of hair follicles. Over time, the hair becomes weaker and will eventually stop growing; however, the hair follicle is still alive creating the possibility to re-grow new hair.

Other health conditions that may cause hair loss are due to stress and specific medications.

Symptoms of Male Pattern Baldness?

Baldness commonly starts from the hairline. It then moves backward, forming almost an “M” shape. As time passes by, hair will become thinner, shorter and finer.

While there are medications for hair loss available in the market, it is quite expensive and may have negative side effects. That’s precisely the reason why people are currently using pumpkin seeds as a cheaper, yet effective option.

What can Pumpkin Seeds do for Your Hair?


Pumpkin seeds have beta-sitosterol that can stop the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme. This enzyme is the culprit in making or converting the healthy testosterone into a DHT.

You can find delta-7-sterine compound, essential fatty acids, zinc, magnesium and antioxidants in pumpkin seeds. These can all stop or prevent hair loss.

How to Stop Hair Loss with Pumpkin Seeds?

Consume raw pumpkin seeds to help with hair loss. If you do not like its taste, you may consider other options to receive the benefits of pumpkin seeds.

You may apply pumpkin seed oil to your scalp right before going to bed to ensure the longest amount of time for absorption by the hair follicles. Continue doing this twice a week for at least 2 months. (More Hair Loss Natural Treatments.)

When can I Expect Visible Results?

It has been clinically proven that pumpkin seeds can improve your hair condition after twenty-four (24) weeks. This requires a little bit of patience, but it’s going to be worth it.

Are Pumpkin Seeds Scientifically Proven to Combat Hair Loss?

A study was conducted among 76 men experiencing hair loss. They were divided into two groups, wherein one group was given a placebo, and the other group was given doses of pumpkin seed oil. The result shows that the group who took the pumpkin seed oil fared better. (How to treat hair loss with honey.)