Heavy Metal Detoxing – A Safe, Effective, and Budget-Friendly Way to Detox

by healthmaxx | September 17, 2019

If you have been paying attention to a lot of natural medicine news everywhere, you would already know that heavy metals are very common and can be easily acquired everywhere around us, including from the food we eat. You should also be already aware that they are harmful, and can lodge itself in the tissues all over the body. We have uncovered several ways to rid the body of these heavy metals, but let us add one more: zeolite.

A Safe, Effective, and Budget-Friendly Way to Detox

When heavy metals such as aluminum, lead, and mercury, enter the body, it can cause severe damage to the nervous system. We may not realize the extent of our exposure, but by consuming processed foods, subjecting ourselves to some medical or dental procedures, and exposing ourselves to old plumbing and paint coverings, chemtrails, and industrial waste pollutants, we are heavily exposing ourselves to heavy metals. Molecules of heavy metals, when they enter the body, lodge themselves to the body tissues, or stay in the blood because these molecules are not easily filtered out or metabolized by the kidneys or liver, or leave the body through sweat. Because of this, these heavy metals tend to stay in the body for a long time, causing damage which could lead to lasting health issues, serious illnesses, and DNA damage. To restore optimum health and well-being, these heavy metals should be detoxed and eliminated from the body.

Sweating, which is the fastest way to detoxify, as well as other methods of detoxification, can help ease the stress on the immune system, and promote the healthy balance and performance of the different organs of the body, to encourage healing. Through detoxification, sick people can get better, while those who healthy feel stronger, younger, and healthier.

However, perspiration is not sufficient to completely detoxify the body. One option is chelation therapy. However, it is expensive, involves risk, and requires a medically trained specialist to perform. But is there a way to detoxify at home without spending so much? Here is one solution you can consider:


There might be a bad reputation preceding zeolite because some multi-level marketing companies have tarnished its good name. They sold what they claim to be the best quality liquid zeolite at exorbitant prices. However, when you look at how liquid zeolite is produced, its ability to effectively detoxify becomes questionable. Liquid zeolite is heavily processed from volcanic mineral rocks using acids and high temperature. Some tests were done to determine the cation exchange capacity (CEC) of liquid zeolite, or its ability to extract harmful heavy metals, and they found out that the CEC of liquid zeolite comes nowhere near the CEC of Clinoptilolite rock mineral zeolite in its pure form, which is perfectly safe for human use.

What are cations? These are positively charged groups of atoms (for instance, heavy metal) which are attracted to negatively charged ions, including zeolite particles.

Zeolite: How it Works

Particles of zeolite come in negatively charged nano-cages, with each tiny, negatively charged cage having the ability to attract positively charged heavy metals away from the blood and body tissues and into the cage. The negative cages that contain the ions of heavy metals are then disposed of the body through the normal process of elimination. This process does not expose the body tissues to any harm.

The zeolite that is ingested with water can travel slowly throughout the small intestines, coating the intestinal villi, or the millions of tiny hair-like structure in the intestines that is particularly useful in nutrient absorption. These villi are the gateways for absorbing nutrients from the intestines and into the bloodstream. In the process, blood is purified by zeolite, without having to cross the blood-brain barrier.

In this true chelation process, the possibility of harmful substances re-entering the organ tissues while they are being flushed out is eliminated.

The process of electronically binding and attracting molecules, atoms or ions instead of absorbing it like a sponge is called adsorption. The ability of zeolite to draw out heavy metals can be defined as both and adsorption and chelation process. With these qualities, the zeolite is considered to be an important mineral to achieve optimum health while living in a toxic world.

On top of disposing of chemical and heavy metals, zeolite also can raise the pH levels, making the body more alkaline. There is strong evidence available in the medical world that an acidic body, or one that has a low pH, can influence disease-causing microorganisms to grow and spread. A predominantly acidic body is also prone to developing cell mutations that can cause cancer.

Another common problem that zeolite can resolve is radiation poisoning. In Chernobyl, Russia, children who were exposed to chemicals and radiation during the Chernobyl reactor’s catastrophic meltdown were given zeolite.

Technically, the zeolite is described as a porous crystalline aluminosilicate. This presents a concern for some individuals. However, this should not be a cause for concern really, since the aluminum content of zeolite is bound to silica. While unbound aluminum can be extremely harmful, aluminum that is bound within a compound is essentially safe. It acts instead to remove unbound aluminum substances from the body.

And because zeolite does not attract magnesium and other beneficial minerals during the process of detoxification, we do not need to worry about zeolite draining the body of these important nutrients.