Healthy Foods for Healthy Weight Gain

by healthmaxx | September 17, 2019

Weight gain may not be most people’s problem. But there are certainly some people do. Luckily, gaining weight need not have to be a difficult ordeal for these people.

There are actually a lot of food you can add to your diet to increase your weight. These include pasta, rice, nuts, red meats, eggs, bagels, avocado, potatoes, exotic fruits, shrimp, bananas, granola, etc.

The Fear and Need for Weight Gain

Most of us would associate gaining weight as a bad thing. There are, in fact, some truths to this claim. Too much weight gain, after all, cause obesity which affects millions of people today.

On the other hand, there are also those who are just too underweight to need to gain more of it. For instances, if you are aiming to become an athlete, you would need lean muscle mass to level your competition.  Otherwise, you could be a person was recovering from illness or injury which often results in a decrease in weight.

However, even the goal of gaining weight need its own set of precautions to be of benefits rather than harms.

The Good and Bad Way of Gaining Weight

When it comes to gaining weight, it is worth noting that there are one of two ways to go about it: the good or the bad. Things like snacking on pizza, potato chips, sitting on the couch all day and having a beer for certain weeks will put on some weight. But this type of weight gain is not the healthy and ideal way to bulk up.

It will take a lot of effort and determination to gain weight healthily, but it is manageable. Yet, what better way to add more to your weight than to do so by healthy eating?

Foods You Need to Bulk Up

While eating a lot is undeniably contributive to the idea of weight gain other times just eating the right foods is enough to meet this goal.

Whole Grain Bread

Bread is known to provide a natural source of carbohydrates. However, bear in mind that consuming white bread is a less healthy way to gain your weight. Instead, opt to have whole grain bread. Whole grain bread is rich in fiber and nutrients, in addition to the carbohydrates, it can provide.

Peanut butter

You want to gain weight in an easy and palatable way? I suggest slathering some peanut butter on your bread, perhaps whole grain bread? Yes, whole grain bread and peanut butter. Yum!

The salty and soft peanut butter in you will give you approximately 200 calories. Not only that, it can give you high protein that can productively help your body.

What are you waiting for? Munch on those whole grain bread and peanut butter now!


Make sure to have regular servings of pasta. Pasta is composed of mostly carbohydrates which are what you needed when bulking up. Try to mix your thick and delicious Bolognese sauce of red meat and tomatoes with your pasta to aid in increasing your calories even more!


Just like your pasta, potatoes are the most common option when you wanted to gain weight. A lot of people try to remove or decrease their potato consumption when they are trying to lose weight because the potato is packed with carbohydrates.

Aside from carbohydrates, potatoes are also packed with fiber and vitamin C, in addition to helping you with your weight gain. Keep in mind that you must keep the skin on for much healthier option.

Red Meat

Try to have steak in your diet even if it is once or twice a week. Red meat is rich in minerals that the body needs, in addition to the calories and healthy fat in can provide as well.

Bear in mind that marbling in your meat means it has more fat content which will aid in bulking up. But, do not overeat red meat because too much could cause other health conditions. Moderation is always the key.


Eggs is one of the most common and well known effective ways to gain weight healthily. Consuming whole eggs provides good cholesterol, moderate calories and high levels of Vitamin D, E, and A to your body. In addition, eggs make you feel full compared to other foods. Consuming 3-4 whole eggs a day will surely give you some serious weight boost you needed.


Munch on your favorite cheese regularly. The good thing about cheese is that it can be used with anything. Your imagination and creativity with cheese are limitless.

Cheese has a high-fat content and will aid in bulking up. Also, cheese also provides vitamins and minerals and a good amount of protein which can help you healthily gain your weight.


Even if bagels are just like the bread mentioned above, a bagel is actually low in calorie content and is rich in carbohydrates. They are an easy takeaway food you can munch on everyday hat could help you pack a few extra pounds in no time.

Brown rice

Similar to bread, potatoes, and pasta mentioned above, brown rice is rich in carbohydrate and fibers that can help enhance your digestion, heart health, and cholesterol levels.


Cornbread is one of the most famous types of bread all over the world. In particular, the western hemisphere loves cornbread so much! Cornbread gives about approximately 300 calories per piece. Eat a few extra cornbread, and you’ll see the improvement in your weight in no time.

Whole Milk

One of the most go to drink in gaining weight is having whole milk and getting rid of your skim milk. One serving of whole milk adds about approximately 60 extra calories to your diet. Whole milk can also provide you with vitamin and healthy fats that could help you healthily gain weight.


Banana has long been the easy on-the-go energy and weight gain aid, grab a banana now! Bananas are rich in potassium, carbohydrates and essential nutrients that provide you energy and make you healthy at the same time. Approximately about 100 calories are provided by one serving of banana. Get ‘em bananas!


Shrimp are delicious tiny shellfish which are rich in calories, healthy acids, and fats that are good for your health. Shrimp are easy to munch on and doesn’t make you feel full very quickly. Therefore, you can have a lot of calories without feeling lethargic.


Avocados are these green to violet delicious fruit that is rich in calories. One serving of avocado can give you about 140 calories. Aside from the calories, it can provide, avocado is also rich in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E, folate, and potassium.


Butter is considered a slippery slope regarding gaining weight. Since having too much of butter is bad for your health. But, if you are aiming to gain a few pounds in a short time, do add butter to your diet and use it as your cooking base. For starters, replace your olive oil or vegetable oil with butter. You will be surprised to consume about 80 grams of fat for every 100 grams of butter which will undoubtedly increase your weight.


Adding salmon, a protein, and mineral-rich fish to your diet 2-3 times per week will help you gain weight and give you option aside from the red meat. The salmon can also boost your immune system and safeguard your cardiovascular system


Adding granola to your diet may seem boring, but its high content of fiber, sugar, and protein (when you consume granola with yogurt) is a healthy manner to pick up some weight.

Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is known to have low in fat content. However, one serving on medium-sized chicken breast gives you approximately 100 calories. If you already have enough fat intake and you are just trying to up your calorie load, then chicken breast is perfect for you!

Exotic Fruits

These exotic fruits include papayas, pineapples, and mangoes. These fruits are high in sugar content and can aid in adding extra yet healthy weight without much effort. These fruits also have a lot of vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant that can help you healthily gain weight.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits can possess more calories compared to fresh fruits. Also, dried fruits don’t make you full fast. Most importantly, it can help you gain weight in a nutritious and healthy manner.