8 Impressive Health Benefits of Skullcap

by healthmaxx | September 17, 2019

Skullcap has far more benefits to the health than you can ever imagine. Some people are still surprised at how important it is to include skullcap to their diet. Its proven benefits include prevention of cancer, inflammation, anxiety, and diabetes. In addition, it is helpful for weight loss and sleeplessness. If these are not enough reasons for you to get one for yourself, then you are missing a lot!

Its name may sound rough and strong but skullcap is actually a flowered perennial kind of plant that grows beautifully. Skullcap grows to a moderate size with blue or purple flowers from the main stem into the leaf branches. Skullcap plant is typically found in North America, especially prevalent in wet environments. Of all plants named skullcap, blue skullcap outshines the rest as it covers the widest range of beneficial use. Skullcap supporters have attested to the guaranteed benefits that you can get from it. Such benefits are believed to have come from the phenolic compounds and flavones.

If you want to know more about skullcap and its benefits, then you have to finish this entire post.

Skullcap Benefits: Healthy Herb

1. Nervous System Conditions

Problems related to nervous health conditions involve seizure attacks and spasmodic episodes. When suffering from these kinds of nervous issues, skullcap tea can provide relief. Seizure frequency and even the severity of such case will significantly reduce with regular consumption of the drink.

2. Pain Relief

Skullcap can act as an analgesic agent or painkiller when experiencing generalized pain on various parts of the body. Consuming this herbal tea can make the pain go away in no time and possibly relieve the presence of inflammation.

Dried skullcap mixed into a paste can also be used as a topical cream. This can be applied to the surface of the skin where the wounds and swelling occur. Using this also provides a soothing effect when recovering from injuries, bruises, and scrapes. The high levels of phenolic compounds and flavones help the blood to flow in your skin.

3. Alleviation of Anxiety

Feeling down, tired, and frustrated is something we all don’t want to endure. Drinking skullcap tea can significantly help in restoring your usual self by getting rid of unnecessary hormonal imbalances. It stimulates the endorphin excretion to keep your mood controlled and at pace.

A cup of skullcap tea may just do the trick and can help you feel at ease and at peace.

4. Liver Health

Your liver is one of the most abused and strained internal organs inside your body. The liver filters the food we eat, the alcohol you drink, and even the preservatives from foods and drugs.

The bad news, however, is that liver is also one of the slowest to regenerate or recover. Literally, all of the said food and beverage intake can strain your liver.

The solution would be drinking skullcap tea. If you must know, skullcap tea has detoxifying tendencies which make it a good remedy for cleansing. This should help your liver to filter out the dangerous toxins and unnecessary wastes within your body.

Certain antioxidants in the liver are, in fact, even increased by the skullcap tea. Through detoxification, you flush out toxins in your body which lightens the load that the liver is supposed to carry out for itself. Therefore, skullcap is indeed a good liver-care agent that will help you keep your liver healthy and at the same time avoid other poor health consequences.

5. Diabetes Condition Control

Insulin levels should always be regulated to avoid diabetic patients from suffering worse conditions. Through skullcap consumption, you will be able to stimulate your pancreas to increase the production of insulin and control its levels necessary in the body. Also, skullcap can help in reducing the cholesterol amounts in your arteries. The condition of your cholesterol is indirectly responsible for the situation of one’s diabetes.

6. Maintain Good Heart Condition

Cholesterol presence inside your body greatly suggests danger for your heart. High amounts of it in your arteries promote high blood pressure and possible heart ailments.  Atherosclerosis, strokes, heart attacks, and other heart-related disorders are all linked to cholesterol buildup, and by lowering it, you can maintain a healthy heart condition. Skullcap has such ability towards cholesterol reduction.

7. Prevention of Cancer Disease

The Chinese variety of skullcap is already a standard and typical cancer treatment since time immemorial.

Skullcap is known for its antioxidant, specifically, flavone which causes the apoptosis process . This is also called the cell death phenomenon in cancerous cells. When apoptosis sets into motion, cancer cells are reduced in number thereby reducing chances of cancer spread and also slows down tumor development leading to the next stage of cancer disease.

8. Weight Loss

A healthy diet that includes skullcap helps in speeding weight loss by stimulating triglyceride reduction. There are still a lot of active studies that strive to look for answers regarding skullcap as a weight loss agent. The possibility is promising, especially for people looking for alternative weight loss methods. Instead of doing diets which can harm your health in the long run, maintain an active lifestyle plus diet including skullcap. You will be looking and feeling good in no time!

Words of Caution

  • Although skullcap guarantees sound effects to the health through its constant consumption, you still need to limit your intake to avoid side effects. Remember, we always need to take things in moderation. Having too much is also bad.
  • Some of the possible side effects concerning overdosage include nausea, giddiness, and lightheadedness. In worse cases, a seizure is also possible to occur.
  • Take note that you should only purchase this herbal tea from trusted and certified product distribution centers. It would help if you do research on where to get your skullcap. Join online health groups and take tips from there.
  • Do not mix it with other drugs or medicines to keep you safe from unwanted and unknown reactions.
  • Ideally, always ask a doctor’s advice and permission if you are fit to consume this kind of herbal tea.