11 Health Benefits of Papaya Leaf Extract

by healthmaxx | September 17, 2019

Papaya Leaf Extract To Fight Against Cancer Along With Other Health Benefits

Papaya is a tropical tree- like plant that was cultivated originally in Mexico and can grow up to more than 30 ft tall. It has many benefits and more often, its other parts are often overlooked. Certain studies have been made about the extracts of the papaya leaves and it was found to be containing anti- cancer properties.

Research shows that we are losing the war against cancer. This is while all the mainstream professionals, medical experts and scientists use all of their abilities to decrease the rates of cancer. The disease is taking over us and it appears that despite the best people using their knowledge to advance the research for the cure of the said disease, we still have a long way to go.

Cancer has ruined millions of lives.Thousands of people have put their trust and fate to studies, research and experiments on how to treat the dreaded disease. This realization have brought people back into believing that it’s still best to count on the solutions that are natural and start making healthy life choices. It’s not a surprise that when you start consuming healthy foods, the nutrients that they bring could change and put your life in unexpected turns. These turns pave the pathway to a healthier you with less worries about contracting diseases brought on by unhealthy food intake.

Papaya leaf extract has its own angst that could fight against cancer and can provide many other health benefits at the same time.

One good thing about the change in lifestyle will be having the chance in finding out the potential of the healthy foods, personally. This way, it is proven and there would be no doubts about the effectivity of these foods. These foods and supplements include ginger, turmeric, and the extract of papaya leaves.

Papaya Leaf Extract: The Fight Against Cancer

The powerful anticancer properties and the impact against tumors that is grown in laboratories was studied by researchers in Japan. It was led by Dr. Nam Dang in University of Florida together with other researchers and his colleagues. The study also included the research on the said extracts having no negative effects from chemotherapy, making the patient more lively than when undergoing the costly therapy  They used the papaya leaf extracts for the conduction of the study where the larger the dose of extract, the more effective they become.

Even better, the research have shown that for the first time it boosts the production of Th- 1 type cytokines. Cytokines are the vital ones who signal the molecules and are very important in the immunity system.

Dr. Dang even stated, “Based on what I have seen and heard in a clinical setting, nobody who takes this extract experiences demonstrable toxicity; it seems like you could take it for a long time — as long as it is effective,”.

In the study, the researchers exposed the 10 different types of cancers to the papaya extract. These types include: cancer of the cervix, pancreatic cancer, liver, breast, lung cancer. The result of the study revealed that in every case, the growth of the tumors were slowed by the papaya leaf extract.

In addition, they have researched about the impact the papaya leaf extract has on the cytokines where it was noted that the extract would be very helpful with fighting against immune- related conditions such as autoimmune disease, inflammation, and many others.
They might just be gaining back some of the attention but they have multiple beneficial properties for quite a long time. In fact, the beneficial properties of papaya  have been recognized for generations.

Here are some of the properties in healing that are provided by papaya:

Treatment and the prevention of allergic disorders as well as cancer.

It is in the leaf extract where the greatest anti- cancer properties are found. In a research that was conducted by Ethnopharmacology, the extract has been found to contain certain enzyme that has an great impact on fighting against different types of cancers without the toxic effects normally brought on by conventional chemotherapies that known to kill cancer cells along with the healthy cells.

Due to the non- toxic and even beneficial effects toward the human body, some parts of the world is already recommending it as a part of chemotherapy. The extract of the papaya increases the immune system’s response to cancer by regulating the T- cells.

Papaya leaf juice is effective in relieving menstrual pain.

To relieve menstrual pain, add salt and tamarind to a papaya leaf and mix it with a glass of water. Boil the mixture. Drink the said concoction after it cools down.

The healing properties balance the hormones and regulate the menstrual cycles.

Hair benefits

The abundance of enzymes, vitamins and minerals of the papaya leaf extracts is often used in various hair formulations such as shampoos to.promote the growth of the hair and strengthen the hair shaft. It could also be a good way to prevent dandruff, balding, and thinning.

It is beneficial for the skin.

Due to a higher content of vitamin A and C compared to its fruit, the papaya extract promote the health of the skin and acts as a cleansing agent. All thanks to the presence.of karpain compounds that inhibit toxins and the other organisms that results to clear skin while giving a protection against blemishes, freckles, and pimples.

It is also effective as a treatment for eczema and applicable to the affected areas after scrubbing. It is helpful in healing wounds and sores.

Helpful in fighting against dengue.

Using the papaya leaf extract is the traditional way to cure dengue fever and without any side effects. There have been multiple cases and scientific research that indicate that papaya leaf extract contains the enzymes papain and chymopapain that boost the platelets and relieve the symptoms. Even the pharmaceutical companies are now using preparations of papaya leaf extract both in capsule and liquid formulas.

Other benefits of the papaya leaf extract:
Revitalization of the body and maintains energy and vitality.

Promotes cardiovascular health.

Strengthens the immune system.

Prevents the formation of cataract.

It alleviates inflammation.

It helps with nausea and constipation.

It fights various forms of cancers that include: breast, lung, pancreas, liver, and cervix all the while aiding the gastrointestinal system and the cardiovascular system.

You might already know a lot of foods that could battle the dreaded cancer. Add papaya to your list and do not hesitate to add the papaya extract to your arsenal to boost your health.