10 Amazing Benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil

by healthmaxx | September 17, 2019

Sandalwood essential oil is produced via the process of steaming and distilling of wood bits of the Sandalwood tree. These trees are usually between forty to eighty years old, with eighty being the more preferred age as the aroma of the tree strengthens with age.

Sandalwood from India is considered to be the best in terms of quality with some from Hawaii and Australia, which is fairly pricey, also being counted among the best. Sandalwood from Australia is not known for having too many benefits but, it is quite popular as the other two types, especially as it is very difficult to find, with the Indian type being almost extinct.

Many religious communities and civilizations have held century-long respect for sandalwood with some like the Hindu community regarding it as sacred in very aspect, medicinal, religious and otherwise. Sandalwood is used for various purposes that include, cosmetic and medicinal. In this article, we are going to look at some of the benefits that make it so popular.

Useful antiseptic

Sandalwood essential oil is used to treat various wounds, cuts and even ulcers due to its antiseptic properties. It can be used internally to fix ulcers and wounds, or externally, to treat things like boils and sores, while also preventing further infections.

A useful anti-inflammation agent

From the essential oil to the paste, sandalwood is relied upon to cool inflamed areas that are often the direct cause of issues like fever, bites of any kind, infections and much more. In the event that the nervous system and circulatory system are inflamed, it can also be used to treat them and cool the inflammation.

It is antispasmodic

Sandalwood is both a sedative and relaxer that is often used to treat spasms as it has proven to relax muscles, nerves, as well as blood vessels. It is thus, effective in treating issues like coughs and cramps.

A natural astringent

Sandalwood is a natural astringent, though not a very strong one, that can help reduce contractions in the skin, gums, and muscles. It can help to tighten and strengthen them, making the body healthier.

Soothing and healing properties

For centuries, sandalwood has been used both as an oil and as a paste, due to its soothing effect on skin as well as its ability to promote the faster healing of scars. At present, it is a staple ingredient in some cosmetic products such as soap and creams.

Treating gastrointestinal issues

Sandalwood essential oil is a natural relaxant that is used to relax the muscles in the abdomen as well as the intestinal walls. This removes any extra gas and stops it from forming again.

Natural diuretic

Sandalwood has been proven to be effective in relaxing the urine system, making it easier for the body to release urine. In addition to this, taking sandalwood also helps you urinate more and it raises the level of urine in your body, flushing out toxins that are harmful to the body. This is effective when trying to treat infections and any inflammation.

Disinfecting properties

Sandalwood essential oil is mostly used as a treatment wounds and cuts in addition to killing bacteria and infection-causing germs. Because of these advantages that it is used in sprays, lotions, or even ingested with milk to disinfect both the body and the air.

Treating coughs, flu etc.

As a natural expectorant, sandalwood is effective in the treatment of infections that cause coughs, mumps, and many other health issues.

Boosting the memory

By providing relaxing and cooling properties to the brain and the body, sandalwood essential oil can help to treat stress and any other mental issues in addition to boosting the memory.

Sandalwood essential oil is quite the versatile oil and many people have been relying on it for centuries. From medicine to cosmetics, it has proven effective in treating various ailments and its aroma is very much appreciated and added to soaps, lotions, and other things.

Some other health benefits include, curing infections, treating hypertension, and lowering blood pressure, calming down fear, anxiety, and working as a tonic for people of all age groups. It can be blended with other oils such as Lavender and Rose oil for better results but caution should be taken not to use it raw topically as is can cause irritation.